Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Quick Musing

So just a quick musing while I work.

It's become increasingly obvious to me to what I need to do in this learning process, is not just tackle the base concepts again, but also play with something far more important, that truth be told I never really thought about.

I don't know what to call it, I'm sure there's a term, and I'm sure I'll come across it eventually, but I what my drawings lack more then technical ability is Oomph (yeah see, need a better word).

 With backgrounds it comes down to visual impact, I'm working on a sci fi style hydroponics garden/lab right now, and I want to get it right, but I hit a huge wall. And it has nothing to do with actual technical ability. It's boring, it lacks oomph, and regardless of how many valves and pipes I add, it will still be boring. And then I got thinking even more about it, and one theme came into my head (partially induced by playing Journey), Style and aesthetic, play a monumental role, and even though I have become a much better artist since I started training way back in 2002/3, my style never fundamentally changed. Its remained based on my interpretations of how I should approach drawing back from high school and before, not now. The thing is, I know better, and I think I need to play more.

So two huge things I want to play with:

1) ensuring I follow some of the basic idea's of good art, composition, story telling, personality etc, in the pieces I do

2) Ensuring the STYLE and Aesthetic I use also has personality, story telling etc.

So its not just what I draw, but how I should draw it. I still feel like I'm just barely grasping the fundamentals of good art, but I'm glad I started looking into this. Because how I choose to draw eyes, hands etc, can really affect how my arts going to look and whats more, give it my own spice. Its not just about anatomical accuracy or proper perspective, or even gesture. All important things, but only part of the whole.

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