Thursday, 15 November 2012

Favorite. Bird. Ever.

So when I was at Petsmart, I saw this bird called a Star Finch for sale, I'm guessing they're pretty common because I see them there a lot. They're pretty awesome though. So I thought it would be fun to design a character with similar colors and patterns. In the end I ended  up with more of a cult leader Motif.

I'd definitely like to continue in this vein of style, a bit more rustic and less refined, but it has more visual appeal then then usual perfect line clean up I have to employ at work. This is definitely more up my alley.

This isn't the painting I've been hinting at but it gave me a nice break, I think from beginning to end including the design roughs this took me about 5 hours I'd say. Design roughs included a few sketches, a turn around to see where I was going with it and a bunch of silhoutte drawings to play with body type. I think I may do another painting of him/her with another body type I also liked, could be a fun exercise.

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