Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Not a PNG...

Turns out Blogspot doesn't like my PNG files, so enjoy this jpg...

This is an extension of the first first post I made involving the plague doctor kid, I think I hit a new painting milestone, still have a lot left to improve upon, but i'll be working on keeping them at least at this bar. Obviously I'll be shooting higher until I can rival the amazing art of Mass Effect, that's the current goal!

Its my hope to start taking painting classes soon so I can learn more techniques and what not first hand. I want to make sure I learn it properly so I can eventually refer to myself as competent in it! woo! competent!

Also I probably wont be posting any more images from this particular IP, I'm going to try and do some more Sci Fi oriented stuff, combaaaat suits anyone?

Also if anyone is wondering(Im sure someone in my audience of 0 has been curious) I'm still doing gestures and life drawing, more of that to come soon!

till my next post!

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