Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Special Kind of Slug

I'm definitely a fan of anything with a shell. In the process of restructuring how I want to present my drawings, tackling painting is high up on my priorities list. I have a long way to go, but here's a step!

If anyone's interested, the steps I took are below!
Basically starting with a cruddy sketch. I find when designing something, trying to tackle both the design and an awesome drawing at the same time.... Doesn't really work. So leading to step two, I took some time to re angle and modify the sketch, decide on the kind of cave it would be in, not just a 'generic rocky' cave. As well as that, deciding on a color scheme. Then onto the fleshing it out. In the second last step there, I had something of a Disney-esque mushroom going on in the bottom right, not that I have anything against Disney, but was not my intent! so I modified it for the final version. At well at this phase I opted for some fog, which helped a lot with the depth.

In the last phase along with modifying the mushroom, I decided it would look better if I made the lights in said fog... look more foggy. I also sharpened a bunch of highlights, added a few shadows and finished up the barnacles on the right side.

As a whole I have no idea how I eventually want to stylize my paintings, I think ultimately I should probably take some painting classes to really learn the basics. There are so many cool styles out there, and a lot of fun ways I see people painting (ie speed painting). So I'll probably look into doing that in the future.

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